Pragyan Institute was established in the starting month of year 2000.When two people(PRAVEEN KUMAR SINGH & PAWAN KR. GOEL), who were pursuing their Master Degree from the INDIA largest Open University Called IGNOU decided to promote and speed up the education in the unreached areas. And their main motto was to help the people or students in the field of education and to promote them towards the knowledge.
Today PRAGYAN is involved in the various field of Education related activities and Health , promoting the Knowledge in various field. It gives mainly: -
1. Training
To the several students from the different stream like Computer, Business Administration, Medical, Social , Secondary and Primary Education.
2.Career Guidance
It also helps to the student in their Carrier Building by providing them the appropriate knowledge of different fields.
3.Education Promotion
It also promotes the education in the rural areas, which belongs to the Delhi and neighbored by the arranging Camp. Special programs and different works held on the education on time to time.